Domain name registration: Doing it right!

Domain name registration is the first step in establishing your personal or business online presence. Registering a domain name is a very fast and simple process which can take no more than a couple of minutes to complete. Domain name subscriptions are for a minimum of one year and they usually cost around 15$ per year (with of course some exceptions)

Making the right selection of domain name is critical and consider it as something that you will invest in and stuck with it for the rest of your business or personal life.

There are so many types of domain names that you can use these days
The Internet industry is making it really easy to find and register a domain name that matches exactly your requirements. While a few years ago you could only use a .com, a .net, a .org domain name, nowadays, this list is expanding rapidly to so many new types of domain. Suppose your company name is “abaca”. You could have:

  • if you are a company
  • if you are a non for profit
  • if you are a club
  • if you are a news agency
  • if you are a photographer
  • if you are a consultant.

The list keeps going on and on. Contact us to learn if we have one available for your specific industry.

Use a keyword in it
It’s a good idea to include a keyword in your domain name that is usually used by people searching for your products. That will help your domain name take top listings when someone searches with that specific keyword. If for example you run a hotel in Troodos Mountains, make sure you include in your domain name the words “hotel” and “troodos”.

Short and catchy
Keep it as short and as easy to remember as possible. Try choosing one that expresses what your business does and what your business is all about.

Register the domain name yourself and be the owner
This is critical!! A domain name is like a property in the Internet. Make sure you are the registered owner and administrator. Never let someone else (associate, outsourced partner etc) register it for you and manage it on your behalf. Just think, that in a couple of years’ time, this domain name could worth thousands of Dollars. It is the name that all of your customers will know. It is the name around which all business is going on. The person who first registered it, that person owns it. And if that person is not you it may cost you a lot to get it back.

Protect your personal data
A domain name is by default public. That means that someone can look it up in the Internet and see its owner’s personal information. To restrict personal data of domain owner from appearing in the Internet, someone may choose to add to the domain name registration a privacy feature that ensures the privacy of the owner.

Look it up in the Internet before you register it
If you have selected the specific domain name to use, before registering it, try checking it in the Internet to see what you will come up with. You may notice for example that the domain name you are about to register has a negative meaning in another language, or it is exposed to legal trouble from its previous ownership. You will want to know about it for example when a domain name is banned of Google searches because its previous owner violated one of Google terms.

What can you do with a domain name
A domain name is like the umbrella under which your entire online business presence will be hosted. You can have your website under your domain name (, your email under your domain name ( or your blog site under your domain name ( It is your unique name with which people will find you on the Internet.

If this is all Chinese to you, Just contact us and we will set everything up for you.

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