How to get a top position in Google

Ok. So your new website is up and running. What’s next? Your website is there for one single reason: To generate leads and sales. If it doesn’t, your money, time and effort goes wasted. Give it a try and type your business name in Google. I bet it comes up first in Google results, right? Right. Most business owners think that’s enough. It really isn’t enough. People will never search in Google using your business name. They will search using keywords relevant to what they are looking for. So making changes to your website to appear in top search results when people search for your products is of critical importance. This process is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here are some guidelines on how to go about it.

It all starts before you even build your website
Your website design and organization will dictate the effectiveness of your SEO effort. Make sure that similar products are placed on the same web page. Ideally you should keep one page per product/service. That’s the only way you can optimize your website with relevance to your products’ keywords.

Enrich your pages’ content with your keywords
Use the keywords that people are expected to use when searching for your products, within your page. Use these keywords in high frequency within your page. That’s how Google will determine if a specific web page is relevant to a particular product, service or theme hence decide to include it in its search results as relevant to what the user is searching for. A page for example with high frequency of keywords such as car hire, rent a car, car rentals will probably be perceived by Google as a page where someone can rent a car.

Use unique accurate page title tags
A page title tells search engines and users who surf the net what a specific page is about. Each page title appears in search engines’ results. Try not to use a too lengthy page title. Try to keep it short and informative.

Make use of description meta taq
Description also appears in the search engines’ results. It’s longer than the page title and it gives a general description of what the page is about. So use a description that will inform and stimulate your visitors’ interest to click and enter

Use a site map for your website
A site map, simply put, is a table including all of your website pages. A site map helps your visitors better navigate your page and helps search engines discover all of your website’s pages more easily.

Write useful interesting content
Content, content, content! The quality of the content you write is the most critical factor for having your website appear at top results. Don’t publish your content having in mind how to get top position on Google. Write content with your audience in mind. Try add engaging content that your audience will find helpful and useful.

Try to get back links
Having other websites linking back to your website has a positive effect on how Google thinks of your website. The more websites are linking back to you and the more important these websites are, the better it is for your website in Google search results.

That was a general overview of how to approach Search Engine Optimization. Start doing those few things and your will put yourself in a route promising success. If you need more details on how to go about it, just contact us for your free SEO detailed guide.

Alternatively you can learn more about a SEO tool that we have developed which can take you step by step and help you optimize your website yourself. It’s really easy to use and no technical knowledge is required.

Remember, SEO has no easy shortcuts. You need to invest time and effort before you see real results on your business. Give it a try and let us know how it goes at any time.

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