Does your website generate sales?

Just tell me this: How many new prospects did you get from your website last month? In many cases businesses use their website as an online brochure. But a website can be so much more than just a brochure. It can be sales generating machine. To make this happen, you will need to take a structured webdesign approach. Here are the basic steps of the methodology.

Start with a list of all different products your are offering

Put down on paper all the different products/services that you are offering. You need to be as specific as possible. If you are selling shoes, try putting down in your list: womens’ shoes, mens’ shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes etc.Keeping one broad category won’t do the job.

Build one page per product. This is your landing page.

This is important. You should have one page for every product/service that you offer. Avoid listing many products in one page. This will only confuse and disrupt your visitors. Include in this page, rich, useful information, images, videos and testimonials about your product. Add a “Call To Action” to drive actionable results from your prospects. It can be a contact form, a “Buy” button, a subscription form…you name it.

Identify the keywords that people use when they search for your products

Understanding how people search for your products is also critical. Find those specific keywords that they use and put them in your list next to each one of your products. 3-4 keywords per products will be just fine. For example, if you are selling homes, some possible keywords for your different products would be: 2-bed apartment Nicosia, beach front villa Larnaka, 4-bedroom house Limassol. Google AdWords will help you find the exact keywords that your prospects are using while searching for your products.

Stuff your website pages with the keywords you had identified

Remember your landing page? it’s now time to stuff it with the keywords you’ve identified. Don’t forget that each one of your landing pages is about a single product and so is the set of 3-4 keywords you have in your list. Put these keywords in the title of your landing page, in its URL and within the body of your text. It is these keywords that will tell search engines what each of your pages is all about.

Keep your content fresh.

Google pays great importance to fresh, updated, useful content. Try to keep your content fresh and updated. Review it periodically and make all changes you think necessary. It is this content that will stimulate interest and drive conversions on your website.

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