Starting a new E-commerce business

I was recently asked to give advice on how someone can start an e-commerce business. Well, It’s not something that can be answered with a drop of a line, but I will give it a try…

So, I would say that there are 3 basic stages in moving forward with this.

  • Step 1 – Putting in place a robust business plan
    This is critical in all cases, not just the online world. You need to make decisions about what to sell, which market segments to target, your pricing strategy, how to promote and how to distribute your products. You need to calculate your cost, the risk involved and your expected ROI. So, this is the business fundamentals part which is critically important.


  • Step 2 – Setting up your e-shop
    This is the relatively easiest part. You need to select an e-commerce platform and design your E-shop. That’s the part we covered in many E-shop development workshops we’ve been providing. We work on a very specific e-commerce platform and the results are amazing. We actually design an E-shop in an hour! There are lot’s of other platforms out there you can use…


  • Step 3 – Promoting your products
    This is the hardest part and the most expensive (You will probably need to pay for Ads etc)! This is all about how to bring your products in front of your potential buyer. It covers topics like SEO, AdWords, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, Analytics etc. This is what many people call Digital Marketing. I personally prefer the term Digital Promotion as academically-wise is more accurate. There is a wide range of Digital Marketing training courses you can attend.

As we say in business, there is no guaranteed result in anything that we do. We just improve the chances of success by putting in practice the business fundamentals and the knowledge we have.

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